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Dr. Finitevus
27 June 2009 @ 09:54 pm
Hmm, it seems as though I had forgotten about this silly journal I had registered on a whim. Oh well~

So I had gone out to see this delightfully horrid B-rated movie with this friend I had made over the internet. Lo and behold, it... turned out to be a girl half my age. Ahem. Quite awkward indeed. I really should research these people a little better, hmm? At least it wasn't some sort of GUN agent incognity. None the less, she turned out to have quite an amusing sense of humor; I believe my exact words when describing her was 'charmingly sarcastic'. Even more amusing were her awkward questions and how flustered she appeared to be around me.

Of course, then the theater had to blow up. Literally.

Honestly, why I had never done something about Talon sooner myself will forever be beyond my guess. He stole my ideas, executed them poorly, made a mockery of my establishment, destroyed one of my bases, made enemies of people I intended to form alliances with... sigh. At least now he's dead and out of my hair. But not before nearly taking me down with him. He blew up a fireworks factory, you see, and a screaming ball of green death flew straight at me and that girl. I knocked her out of the way and managed to save both of our hides at last...

Well, an eventful first "date", I should say, hmm? Ah ha ha ha.


Though I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her again; perhaps finish that movie. She seemed a fascinating person, and I certainly must admire anyone who can keep up with me in a battle of wits.

Anyway, I could almost feel sorry for poor Dashiel later on. He didn't take too well to witnessing Talon's charred corpse being drug into my office. Oh well. At least my fridge is now stocked with plenty of fresh, if slightly crispy, material~
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Dr. Finitevus
04 January 2007 @ 06:56 am
My resolution is to not make a resolution.

Oops! Guess I already broke it! ^_^

This chocolate chip cookie dough is superb.
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Dr. Finitevus
23 December 2006 @ 04:54 pm
So, I was twiddling about on the internet looking at this and that, when for some reason I was possessed to register a livejournal. Don't really know why, but oh well!

Currently working on setting up the layout to my liking. Nothing fancy for now, but I might code up something later.

Earlier today I finished managing to cross a sea cucumber with a wombat. It died a few hours later though. I stuck the remains in with the food meant for the grunts. I wonder if they'll notice?
Current Mood: amusedamused